Monday, July 18, 2016

The meaning of prophecy

Prophecy is revelation which Allah gave to his messengers about an  event in the future. The prophecy will become reality as the time goes. It didn't need to be waited or hastened because the time had been decided by Allah. Allah himself who will establish those prophecies.
            For the prophecies that we see later, we need to use all of our intuition because, what we will see will have full-of-allegory language. We need to use information and evidence that will support the prophecy. Because if I just convince the readers about my understanding that Prophet Muhammad was prophesied in Bible without the supporting evidence, then it will be less convinced. Therefore, I tried to give evidence and explanations which support the prophecies themselves.
            All prophecies inside this blog were established in the past. All of them became reality with the coming of the Prophet Muhammad and his characteristics. Why they could be appropriate with Prophet Muhammad’s characteristics, the answer is, because God who sent them (the Prophets) was same, God who sent Moses, Solomon, David, Daniel, Habakkuk, Jeremiah, Isaiah, and Jesus. By this evidence, the existence of Muhammad as messenger of God was final. He was not a prophet who was only sent to the Arabs. He was sent to all nations. He was the last prophet and there is no prophet after him.   

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